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Search Engine Optimization

While increasing the visibility of your website through our results-oriented Search Engine Optimization, improve your website’s organic rankings on search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Target more relevant audience and drive brand awareness through proven paid advertisement methods. It accelerates more sales and leads to business.

Social Media Marketing

Engage with customers and build your reputation on social networks. We help companies strengthen their presence on social media.

Digital Strategy

Businesses will benefit from our clear and precise digital marketing strategy that allows your website to function well on the web.

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Let us handle your entire web project from design to development. We build bespoke, responsive and professional websites for companies.

Creative Solutions

Our designs are unique and creative. We create visually appealing remarkable designs to represent your company’s brand name online.

We can guarantee you expert SEO services, as an award-winning SEO agency in Sri Lanka. Our promise is based on our proven ability to drive up sales, secure fruitful leads, building a brand presence online, and ensuring sustainable growth. We ensure these benefits through our expert team of growth-hacking SEO specialists, who are well-versed in the methodologies of getting your site to the top.

Digital Marketing Services

Boosting your website traffic to drive sales

Are you aware of how much demand your business is getting online? Are your products and services being promoted to the right audience? Are your marketing strategies giving you a proper return on investment? Whether you’ve been maintaining an online presence for a while or you’ve only recently launched your website, you’ll need to have answers to these questions if you want your online activity to effective and not just an extra cost. How do you get these answers and maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing?

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Boosting your website traffic to drive sales

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Meaning

SEO Consultant Sri Lanka

Search Engine Optimization might seem like complicated chemistry, with so many formulas to get the results right. However, to a SEO chemist, it is as easy as one, two, and three! SEO is a set of methodologies and procedures used to increase the traffic or number of visitors to a webpage by earning a top placement in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Search engine Optimization is categorized into two branches, on-site optimization and off-site optimization. On-site optimization incorporates content, HTML coding of the page and the structure of the webpage. Whereas, off-site optimization constitutes of location-specific optimization and backlinks.

These factors all combine and react with each other, like the molecules in a chemical reaction to produce a solution that’s beneficial to our online presence.

At SEO Sri Lanka, we handle your company’s SEO strategy with a four-point approach.

Our SEO strategy


First, we discover all relevant information: what SEO terms would work for you, what your competitors are using, which long-tail keywords would suit your company best, etc.


Then we look at what an effective SEO strategy can do for your website, how we can assess its success, and what its limitations would be.


With this information, we design a tailored SEO strategy for you, taking into account the purpose of your business, the target market, your website’s design and your requirements.


Finally, we put these blueprints into action, executing the right blend of on-site and off-site SEO content to help your business climb the rankings and achieve its targets.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Get Best SEO Services By Professional SEO company in Sri Lanka

On Page Optimization

From the web-page structure to the HTML code will be optimized in a manner that will be the best base for top-ranking results.Indeed, even the best off-page methodology won't do much if the foundational on-page methodsare not legitimately set up. Take advantage of fully customized on-page optimization that is unique to your webpage.

Top Ranking Opportunities

Certain commonly overlooked details like the server location, the mobile optimization of the site and the length of the content are major contributing factors that can improve the ranking factors of your webpage. You are just one step away from being on the top SERPs.

Improved Content Structure

The content of a webpage is a really important factor that affects the results of a SERP. Having an organized content structure is as crucial to SEO as pollen is crucial for fertilization. If the quality of your content is good, has the right blend of relevant keywords and is organized in a hierarchical structure, then you are in the right rocket to the moon. The best part is, you don’t have to keep breaking your head about all these details, our in-house content marketer will give you the best content for the best results.

Traffic Opportunities

You know how it feels when the incoming traffic to your website remains constant. It is the result of using the same SEO strategies. Just like change is the spice of life, changing up your SEO strategy once in a while can make a huge difference. So, get the ball rolling with our custom strategies that will increase traffic to your site.

Landing Page Optimization

Nothing gives a visitor a good impression like an exceptionally designed landing page. The probability of your visitor rate soaring is solely reliant on how effective and to-the-point your landing page is. A well-designed landing page is a soldier in your marketing arsenal, it is going to bring you sales. So why not pay attention to the tiniest details of your landing page with SEO Sri Lanka.

Better Link Building

Links are considered as a vote of popularity by Search Engines throughout the web. Although they are not everything in Search Engine Optimization, they play a crucial role in contributing traffic to your site. Get better votes to boost your popularity by embracing SEO Sri Lanka’s customized link building strategies.


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SEO Sri Lanka adds in a two scoops of hard work with three heaping scoops of research and a scoop of enthusiasm to provide you with a balanced solution for your SEO needs. We believe that customer satisfaction is the fuel in succeeding in all the projects we take. Try us, we won’t disappoint!

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How Sri Lankan businesses can benefit from SEO

With the rapid growth of internet usage and people searching online, Search Engine Optimization known as SEO has become a compulsory element. And which is why every business needs to work on it. So, what is SEO? Well, in simple words, SEO is about increasing the visibility of a website or a web page by generating quality traffic through organic searches. However, not all businesses in Sri Lanka are aware of SEO and want to invest a few pennies in it. This is a significant drawback for most of the companies as they are losing potential sales leads.

Many individuals in Sri Lanka are no longer interested in traditional shopping methods and showing more interest in an online experience. More than half of Sri Lanka’s population is searching for products and services online every day, and these numbers are rising firmly every single second. Imagine your business ranking for a particular keyword query searched by a user; this may be probably your next potential customer. Failing to have your online presence means that you are not only losing sales but also letting your competitor win over your business. Having a website well optimized for users and the search engines is a definite win-win and a good start to increase its visibility online and generate more sales. It all sums up the need for SEO, which is a staple in your marketing strategy.

The next step is to select the right SEO consultant for your website. As you are aware, there is a huge demand for SEO in Sri Lanka; you may come across many individuals or agencies offering SEO services for companies. However, not all are legitimate and delivers promised results. Unfortunately, many SEO companies in Sri Lanka rely on rankings and backlink count. Modifying the Meta details of your website or building hundreds of links won’t achieve the goal. As the same, most of the businesses think SEO is all about website rankings; it is beyond that imaginary truth. A professional SEO campaign improves website rankings by implementing authentic SEO techniques, optimizing for search engines, creating niche relevant content, constant analyzing and reporting. The overall effort is to help your business dominate online.

The precise keywords selection and optimization could give lots of benefits to your business in return during the long run. It is necessary to remember that these results cannot be attained today or tomorrow. It requires some time and proper formation to achieve long-term goals in SEO while it may vary according to the keyword competition and targeted audience.

How could businesses in Sri Lanka benefit from SEO?

Profitable than traditional marketing

Well, Most of the companies in Sri Lanka are still chasing behind outdated marketing methods like sharing leaflets and media advertising. Have you ever considered the cost spent over them? SEO is definitely profitable compared to these traditional marketing techniques. A result-oriented SEO strategy provides a highly profitable marketing channel that delivers fast and measurable results. A large proportion of businesses in Sri Lanka say they are making significant savings by using SEO to promote their products and services online. This is the main reason why marketing budgets are gradually being shifted to SEO.

Win over competitors

Every business urges to bypass their competitors and increase the customer base. As SEO is not much popular in here, many companies in Sri Lanka refuse to accept SEO, whereas; you could take advantage of it. While many people are spending more time online, looking for products and services - For instance; if a user is searching for the term “furniture Sri Lanka” and your website getting listed on the search engine, the user might come across your business online. Whereas; a company following traditional marketing tactics will fail to maintain its online presence while your website with a good SEO background will grab that opportunity. Undoubtedly, the SEO progress is paying off to expand your customer base.

SEO offers the best ROI and analyzing tools

Every business needs to track their ROI (the return on investment). While traditional marketing is often too expensive for businesses and its results are not always measurable. In SEO, digital tools offer the best ROI tracking than traditional communication tools.

On the contrary, SEO brings you countable results that will allow you to grow even faster. These tools will enable you to track new subscribers, returning visitors, quote requests or purchases - You are immediately aware of it. It also provides you with a continuous flow of qualified traffic that is turned into leads. The more your business acquires visibility and relevant traffic, the better your ROI will be.

Increases your brand awareness

As you are following a perfectly executed SEO strategy, your website starts ranking and performing well for different keywords on search engines. The more you rank higher on SERPs, the more you create brand awareness. By means, your business will be recognized locally and internationally. It is also a great way to reach your targeted local and international audience while moving ahead of the competition. Moreover, customers are more likely to trust brands with strong web presence than a brand without secure positioning on SERPs.

Local SEO improves engagement and conversions

With local SEO, businesses can target their website visibility among local customers living in the same locality, by region or even specific cities. When a user performs a search online for the keyword “restaurants near me”, the search engines will list down the restaurants available nearby. So, people can find your business quickly and could become physical customers. This helps convert your online visitors into physical customers and generate real transactions.

So, do you still doubt about SEO? We think these exceptional results will no longer hold you back from investing in SEO. Remember, SEO in Sri Lanka is yet in the start-up phase. The sooner you start optimizing your website for search engines; your business could attain an influential position on SERPs and win over the competitors of your industry. It is never too late and the perfect time to hire a professional SEO company.

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