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Best SEO Packages & Prices Sri Lanka

Choose from affordable monthly SEO packages offered by SEO Sri Lanka, the best SEO service provider for small businesses in Sri Lanka.


$ 169 (USD)
  • Monthly

  • 4 Keywords

  • Onsite Optimization

  • Offpage Optimization

  • 4+ Article Submission

  • 20+ Backlinks per Month

  • 30 Pages Error Inspection and validation

  • Google Webmaster and Analytics tracking


$ 269 (USD)
  • Monthly

  • 8 Keywords

  • Onsite Optimization

  • Offpage Optimization

  • 8+ Article Submission

  • 30 Backlinks per Month

  • 50 Pages Error Inspection and validation

  • SEMRush Error solve

  • Google Webmaster and Analytics tracking


$ 369 (USD)
  • Monthly

  • 12 Keywords

  • Onsite Optimization

  • Offpage Optimization

  • 12+ Article Submission

  • 50 Backlinks per Month

  • 80 Pages Error Inspection and validation

  • SEMRush Error solve

  • Google Webmaster and Analytics tracking

  • Local Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Packages


Are your potential customers reaching your website without a hassle? Is your website fulfilling its purpose to the optimum? Whether you have launched a website recently or have had it running for some time, these are points worth considering in order to maximise your potentiality.

At SEO Sri Lanka we answer these questions for you through an in-depth analysis and based on the results we receive, we offer tailormade SEO solutions that drive traffic and sales whilst making your website rank higher on search engines.

What is an SEO Package?

An SEO package or plan is typically a monthly subscription offered by a professional SEO specialist/company that focuses on boosting your website ranking in Organic Search results through a range of optimization techniques that include On-Set and Off-Set SEO in order for your business to benefit from an increase in organic traffic and revenue.

What are the different types of SEO Packages?

SEO packages mainly differ according to the type of business you run and the level of optimization required. We cater to large, mid-sized and small enterprises and offer tailor-made packages to suit their requirements and budget. For instance, a Travel Agent who wants to promote their services might opt for our Advance SEO package whereas a larger business entity like a Hotel chain will benefit from our Premium SEO packages to ensure their website is on the top of SERPs.

Benefits of SEO

Rank higher, reach wider, earn greater

A successful SEO strategy will assure that your website ranks higher on Search Engines whilst helping you reach your potential customers and thereby bettering your chances of increasing your earnings. SEO provides a host of benefits to your business that include:


SEO is considered to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies as it enables you to directly pitch to customers who are looking to buy your product or service without spending too much on advertisements and other marketing campaigns.

Increases credibility

If your website ranks higher on Search Engines in comparison to other similar businesses, it makes customers place trust and value in your business which increases credibility.

Improved user experience

An effective SEO strategy will enhance user experience by also being mobile friendly for easier customer access.

Be ahead of your competitors

if you have a more effective SEO strategy in place in comparison to your competitors, you can benefit from increased organic traffic that leads to better conversation rates and higher revenue.

The SEO process

What are the key stages in an SEO process?

Our SEO Packages are mapped out to ensure effectiveness and assure results in accordance with your requirements and budget. Whether you opt for a Bronze or Gold package our SEO experts implement a step-by-step process that includes:


Why work with us?

  • Our expert SEO Specialists at SEO Sri Lanka possess the expertise in implementing the latest SEO techniques in line with the requirements of your website and Business.
  • We implement a step-by-step process to effectuate a results-driven SEO strategy that ensures results for your Business.
  • Our team is constantly researching and expanding their SEO knowledge and skills to keep up-to-date with the ever changing SEO paradigms.
  • SEO Sri Lanka offers tailor-made solutions that are budget friendly and cost effective over the long term. Choose from a range of packages to suit your requirements.

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